Flydigi Wee

Mobile Game Controller

Transform your gaming experience anywhere


· Fashion colors meet different personal preference

· Compact and convenient

· Bluetooth connecting provides up to 80 hours of operation



The Flydigi Wee adopts a 32-bit Nordic chip and ALPS joystick imported from Japan with one million times rotation life. Along with Realtek Bluetooth 4.0 solution, it features high sensitivity and accuracy in overall performance and has less than 6 seconds delay. It can identify various devices automatically and supports vast majority of big games and simulator games.


The Flydigi Wee provides four fashion colors meeting differet persoanal preference.


You can review classic games with the Flydigi Wee such as PSP, NDS, NES. Enjoy a fantastic variety of games in your hand.


Flymapping-Button mapping technology

The Flydigi Wee has a feature what we called Flymapping, it's developed based on button mapping technology. Enable you customize the button settings to make the experience more smooth and convenient. Describe 120 points of high speed mapping per second, quick response to small changes of stick angle. Free configuration, draging button to adjust button position.


Compact and convenient

The Flydigi Wee is compact and convenient and weighs 120g. Easily play in your hands or put into pocket. No matter sitting or lying, bus or subway, you can paly it anytime, anywhere. With hundreds of attempt for curve modification, we established semicircle body, continuing classic shape of handheld game console. Hold the thumb and index finger into a natural hold gesture, no tired feeling for a long time play.


Design patent

The engineers innovate design patent of 3-layers stretchable structure, fitting the phone with thickness of 11mm. It makes the Flydigi Wee thinner, Stretching freely. Take all phone thickness limit within 9.2mm, fitting with your equipment.


Flydigi Utool

No need root for Android phone, with the Flydigi Utool, connecting the power for 10 seconds to activate button mapping. Then you can play any mobile games with controllers. The Flydigi Utool is Included in the package, no need to buy.


Battery power and stcik controller

The Flydigi Wee is equipped with Bluetooth ultra-low power technology and built-in 300mAH lithium battery for long battery life. You can play for 80 hours! Use ALPS stick controller imported from Japan, service life for 1 million revolutions.There're three major upgrades of stick controller, with animal claw design of stick cap. 0 damping for turning. More flexible and easier to operate and play.



The Flydigi Wee has 14 buttons and left & right sticks to meet the needs of a variety of games. The 3-layer button design, including silicone buttons, ALPS patches and plastic parts, it's inlaid at the bottom with clear silk printing, difficult to wear. According to the frequency and habit of operaton, scientific. N-shape button arrangement to reduce interference with each other.

    • Model Flydigi Wee
    • Product Size 149*86*22mm
    • Package Size 170*112*80mm
    • Net Weight 139g
    • Battery Capacity 300mAh
    • Charging Info 5V-100mA
    • Charging Time 3-4 hours
    • Standing Time 80 hours
    • Working Distance 10m
    • Platforms Android
    • Connection Types Bluetooth 4.0
    • Phone Size 75-165mm
    • Controller x 1
    • Flydigi Utool x 1
    • USB charging cable x 1
    • Silicone pad x 2
    • Controller protecting bag x 1
    • User manual x 1